Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Here are some resolutions I’m making for 2012:

  1. Blog more. I’m hoping to write at least two good posts a week, and hopefully more. You can check out Sage and Starshine’s 2011 New Year Report here.
  2. Cook/bake more – and I’m already getting a head start on this resolution. I spent the day baking my first real bread ever! (I’ve made banana bread and other things without yeast before, but there’s nothing quite like waiting four hours for dough to rise.) I used this Cinnamon Bread Recipe from one of my favorite cooking blogs, the Pioneer Woman Cooks. And I will tell you, I felt like quite the domestic diva when it came out of the oven and hadn’t collapsed or burnt.
  3. Read more. I need to get back to reading on a regular basis (and I don’t just mean for school!) like I need air in my lungs. My tentative goal for 2012 is to read at least 24 Pagan/alternative spirituality books, or an average of 2 books a month. Some of these will be more scholarly, like Reidy’s Eternal Egypt; some will be faster reads in the vein of Dianne Sylvan’s The Circle Within (which I reviewed earlier this year and absolutely loved); some will be fiction that is relevant to my interests, like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.
  4. I’m not exactly sure how be more spiritual would work out as a resolution, but I want to continue exploring my spirituality, keep working to define and refine what it is I do and believe, and grow in both knowledge and experience.

Hope everyone enjoys your last few hours of 2011. Here’s to the new year being even better than the last!

All my love,



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. EE by Reidy is a really awesome book. I think it’s something that most major pagan paths should have: a book about rituals. It’s a general how-to. And his writing style? I love it. Just talking about it makes me want to read it again!

    Ah. The ‘be more spiritual’ resolution! We’ve all been there. It’s a matter of will power, I think. And also, attitude. You just keep saying, “I got this!”

  2. Hi Aubs! (Just so you know I got the tarot reading and have skimmed over it with the intention of sitting down to read it in more detail later. Thank you again so so much, you’re fantastic. Mwah!) I started reading EE today when I went to the gym (because I can’t find my iPod and I would go ballistic if I had nothing to do on the treadmill!) and I’m already deeply in love. The way he talks about his Kemeticism makes me melt. Definitely glad I ordered this one. 😀

    This past week has been a nice… whatever it is. Re-opening myself to Deity? Rededicating myself to some form of practice? (Just paying a little more attention?) It feels good, whatever it is. 😀

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