Lughnasadh 2012 Write-Up

Right after the Midsummer Writeup! Sounds about right. Below is the unedited and un-annotated version of yesterday’s ritual. Some of this was copied from another ADF ritual, and at the moment I can’t find the original source. Later I’ll edit this with proper links and suck.

A real, actual post is coming soon. I promise.

Initiating the Rite

[while drumming, sing]:

I approach the sacred grove

With heart and mind and flesh and bone

Joining now in ways of old

I have come home.

Honoring the Earth Mother

Mother Danu

Your roots sink deep into the wells of the Underworld

Your branches stretch high toward our heavens’ skies

Your shade provides relief from the heat of the day

Your wood shelters us from cold and fuels our fires

Mother Danu

Your rivers course swift and deep through this realm

Your waters comfort all creatures, in flood and in drought

Your currents offer glimpses into the deep mysteries

Your wells nourish equally our minds, bodies, and souls

Mother Danu

You are the force that turns the flowers toward the sun

You are the Earth and Water Mother, Creatrix Divine

You are the Matriarch of the Tuatha Dé Danann

You are Who I honor at the beginning of my rites.

[offer water libation]

Mother Danu, accept my sacrifice!


[sprinkle salt water around room and anoint self]

Inviting Bardic Assistance

[while drumming, sing Lady of the Star Fire]:

Lady of the Star Fire, speak to me, speak to me

Spark of inspiration, goddess of light

Shaper of the darkness, shine on me, shine on me

Ember of creation burning in the night

Lady of the Star Fire, speak to me, speak to me

Healer at the hot springs rising from the heart

Fire in the water, flow in me, flow in me,

Sweet the restoration deep within your art

Lady of the Star Fire, speak to me, speak to me

Queen of transformation, forger of worlds

Hammer on the anvil, sing to me, sing to me

Ancient spiral turning, galaxies unfurled

Lady of the Star Fire, speak to me, speak to me

I am your apprentice, worker of the fire

I have heard your starlight calling me, calling me

Show me how to answer, guide my hope’s desire.

[make offering and light candle]

Lady Brighid, accept my sacrifice!

Statement of Purpose

I have come here to celebrate Lughnasadh, the August Feast, the time of first fruits and first harvests, of the ripened grain and the rising bread. With the Kindreds three I seek to strengthen my relationships and to grow ever deeper in my Druidry.

Inviting the Peacekeeper

[while drumming, sing]:

An Morrígan, An Morrígan, the washer at the ford

An Morrígan, An Morrígan, to you I sing these chords

Rise to meet the challenge, descend to guard this stead

Through rose and thorn and blood and sword

I pray thee, here now tread.

[make offering and light candle]

Queen Morrígan, accept my sacrifice!

(Re)creating the Cosmos

I kindle the sacred fire,
Claiming this land and time for my own.
The shape-fire burns bright,
This is the center of the world,
My Meath, Tara, and Uisnech.
Let none stand against me,
Let the world turn around me,
Let me have a good fire,
As I call the Kindred forth.

[light the Sacred Flame]

I pour the sacred well,
From which five rivers of wisdom run,
Salmon swimming, hazel hanging high.
Bubbling brightly Segais, source of the Boyne,
This is the center of the world.
Let none stand against me,
Let the world turn around me,
Let the well be deep with wisdom,
As I call the Kindred forth.

[pour the Sacred Well]

I tend the sacred tree,
Towering high, hanging heavy with hazel,
Strength of Taranis, the thunder and wheel,
From Tara to nemeton, star-reaching bilé,
This is the center of the world.
Let none stand against me,
Let the world turn around me,
Let the tree be tall and strong,
As I call the Kindred forth.

[anoint the Sacred Tree]

Fire, well, and sacred tree

Flow and flame and grow in me.

Two Powers Meditation

Opening the Gate(s)

Oh Manannán, powerful son of the sea, holder of the magics of the crane bag, I ask that you hear my call. Oh Lord of the Otherworld, bearer of the silvered apple branch, join with me this day, so that you may guide me in my workings. Mist-shrouded rider of the maned waves, accept my offering and open the gates between my realm and yours.

[offer incense]

Manannán mac Lir, accept my sacrifice!

Inviting the Three Kindreds

Great nature spirits, you who frolic in the wild world,
A child of the Earth calls out to you.
You who change shapes with the wind,
You who pass between the worlds as I walk through air,
You who for whom day is night, and night is day,
I offer you welcome.
Noble Ones, you who reside in the hills and sidhe mounds of the land,
I honor you, for you are the spirits in the earth I live by.
O Spirits of the natural world, I call you forth!

[offer birdseed]

Noble Ones, accept my sacrifice!


Great ancestors, you who have come before,
A child of the Earth calls out to you.
You whose blood flows in my veins,
You who I hold close to my heart and thoughts,
You who were heroes of the ancient world,
I offer you welcome.
Mighty Ones, you who reside in the house of Donn,
I remember you, and will not forget, for it is you who gave me life.
O Ancestors of blood and heart, I call you forth!

[offer alcohol]

Mighty Ones, accept my sacrifice!


Great gods, you who are mightiest in all things,
A child of the Earth calls out to you.
You who are the people of the goddess Danann,
You who count among you the spear of Lugh, the sword of Nuadha, and the cauldron of the Dagda ,
You who brought the Lia Fal and cast out the Fir Bolg and Fomoire,
I offer you welcome.
Shining Ones, you who rule this world and the other,
I praise you, for it is you who provide sustenance and guidance in my lives.
O Shining ones of magic and might, I call you forth!

[offer wine]

Shining Ones, accept my sacrifice!

Key Offerings

Lugh, the Victorious,
I make my Grove under your shield,
O Lugh of the White Horse
And the Brilliant Blades.
You of the Perfect Form,
Child of Light and Shadow,
Slayer of Balor, purger of the unnatural, be in our midst.
Accept this verse in welcome
Lugh, Champion, King of All

I make my working in the joy of the Samildanach (“sow-eel-dahna”)
The Clever One, the Sure Hand
The Bard and the Smith.
May I be at peace
Under the hand of the Chieftain of Danu,
Taking joy in the protection
Of the master of all crafts at once
I offer this invocation,
That the harvest may flourish
By the hand of the ploughman.

By the Sacred Three of Glory, and By the Spear and by the Raven
Hear now my call
Come, I pray, among one of your folk
O Lugh the Victorious
My Light and our Guide
O Lugh the Victorious
My Champion and Protector
O Lugh the Victorious
My Savior and Healer
Accept this offering of love
And be present in your strength.

[offer whiskey]

Lugh, accept my sacrifice!


Tailtiu, foster mother of Lugh

Your grace and your love knew no bounds

You gave life to us as you gave to your son

You gave bread to us as you gave to your son

You gave land to us as you gave to your son

It is through your sacrifice the fields might be fertile

The flowers might bud and blossom and bloom

The sun and the earth might unite in life.

Tonight, I honor your sacrifice.

I honor the commitment to your son.

I honor the love you had for generations,

Lovers, fighters, warriors, priestesses,

Children you would never meet.

And yet your compassion did not waver

Your loyalty ran deep and true

Your convictions steadfast and mighty.

Tonight, Tailtiu, I honor you.

[offer cornmeal]

Tailtiu, accept my sacrifice!

Prayer of Sacrifice

I have given freely of myself and my possessions

My time, energy, and love is now yours

Kindreds Three, noble, mighty, shining,

I call upon you to accept my offerings

I pray you see them fit and true

I wish they bring you peace and joy.


Assembled beings, Kindreds Three, accept my sacrifice!


[draw, interpret, and record Omen]

Calling for the Blessings

[pour water into goblet]

Shining Ones, Noble Ones, and Mighty Ones, I have praised you and received your blessings. Hallow these waters and give to me of your power and inspiration and vitality.

[raise goblet]

Behold the waters of life!


Affirmation of the Blessings/Thanking the Beings

I have called upon the Kindreds and they have answered! With joy in my heart I carry their magic into my life and work. Each time I offer to the powers they be come stronger and more aware of my needs and worship. So as I prepare to depart let me give thanks to those who have aided me.

Tailtiu, Go raibh maith agait!

Lugh, Go raibh maith agait!

Gods and Goddesses, Go raibh maith agaibh (“gora mah-ageev”)

Ancestors, Go raibh maith agaibh!

Nature Spirits, Go raibh maith agaibh!

Manannán mac Lir, Go raibh maith agait!

Morrígan, Go raibh maith agait!

Brighid, Go raibh maith agait!

Danu, go raibh maith agait.

Closing the Gates/the Rite

Now by the keeper of the gates and by my magic I end what I began.
Let the fire be flame,
Let the well be water,
Let all be as it was before.
Let the gates be closed!

I have done as my ancestors have done, and as my children will do, and the Kindreds have answered. I go now, a child of the Earth, in peace and blessings. The ritual is at a close.


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