My Lughnasadh DP Essay

I bet y’all are tired of me talking about Lughnasadh at this point, huh? 🙂

I’m preparing for my Better Know a Celt series tomorrow by writing on Lugh, and I discovered that I never posted my Dedicant Path essay for Lughnasadh. The DP requires short (min. 125 words) essays on each of the eight High Days we celebrate, with the intention it takes a full turn of the Wheel to finish this first course of study. Expect a longer, proper post tomorrow.

Lughnasadh 2012 Essay

This Lughnasadh I celebrated by baking cinnamon bread. Though the bread was far from perfect, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and received great satisfaction from nourishing my family with a delicious recipe.

A few days later I celebrated with an ADF-style ritual proper, once again using a Gaelic Hearth. My script was partially my own creation and partially cobbled together from other rituals found on ADF’s webpage, which led to a lengthy, well-structured ritual. I’m still having problems understanding some nuances of the COoR, but with time and practice I’m sure I’ll iron it out.

The patrons of my rite were Lugh, who received a shot of whiskey, and his foster mother Tailtiu, who received a small bowl of cornmeal. I found myself getting emotional when I talked to Tailtiu and thanked her for her sacrifice, which allowed myself and others to thrive off the bounty of the earth.

Danu again was my Earth Mother and I continue to work with the Morrígan, Brighid, and Manannán as deities who represent the powers of Land, Sky, and Sea, respectively.


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