Well what do you know?

I’m not dead after all.

It’s incredible to think it’s almost been a year since I last posted on this blog — a year since my last post on Flamekeeping for Brighid (which I still do, albeit sporadically) and longer since my last post on ADF (which I’m not doing anymore). It’s been a busy year of starting graduate school and settling in with my First Adult Job, of family crises and tragedies, illnesses physical and mental. It’s been busy and overwhelming and I don’t know if I can turn this into a decent “I’m back!” post, but I figure I need to get this out of the way so I can get back to writing.

This is my second semester of graduate school and it’s been incredibly stressful for me. I’m pretty open about my depression and anxiety issues, and over the past few months they’ve really grown to a head. I’ve had incredible problems sleeping or keeping any amount of energy about me. I’ve been sick and on edge for weeks on end. It’s only been in the past week and a half or so, when a double-whammy sinus infection + hand, food, and mouth disease (don’t. google. this. don’t do it. I warned you!) kept me at home and in bed. And surprisingly over that week or so, most of my stress just… went away. I guess I was too sick to really care anymore, but I found myself in a space where I could finally regroup and think about what what going on in my life, what I needed, where I wanted to go. Y’know, all those easy questions.

At some point I should write about leaving ADF. Which wasn’t an event at all, more that I just stopped doing ADF stuff and didn’t renew my membership and don’t consider myself a Druid anymore. (Guess I should change this blog’s tagline…) I am still Doing Brighid Stuff, albeit very slowly and quietly on the downlow with a few friends. There’s exciting stuff on the horizon with Brighid.

I’ve also started getting back into Kemetic Orthodoxy, which is also a story that probably deserves its own post. I’ve been nominally a Remetj in the House of Netjer since… oh, last December/January, whenever I finished the Beginner’s Class. For a few reasons the House hadn’t meshed with me before, but this time things seem to be working. We’ll see what happens!

This year I also volunteered to be the program coordinator for my local lay-led UU fellowship and…. that may have been a bad mistake on my part. I don’t think this is the sort of thing I’m good at — it’s ended up causing me a lot of stress and worry and, quite frankly, made me enjoy the local congregation less. (If you love something, never figure out how it’s made…)

Can you be a Brighidine Kemetic? Is that a thing? Because that should totally be a thing and I claim that as my label. 😀

Expect more from me in the future! I feel like this is a silly post, but it’s good to be writing again.




4 thoughts on “Well what do you know?

    • Someone with more insight and patience than me will have to talk about the curious amount of compatibility between a Celtic and Kemetic worldview. (With the caveat that “Celtic” and “Kemetic” can both be really broad categories and of course not all members of either group believe or experience their faith in the same manner.)

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