Clann Bhride


Clann Bhride is proud to establish an internet presence with the launch of our website. Clann Bhride, also known as the Children of Brighid, is a spiritual path of devotion drawing from old traditions and new inspiration of our patron goddess Brighid.

Along with the website we’re also proud to offer our Book of Hours, an informational and devotional text for those interested in a life dedicated to Brighid in Her many guises. This text is available from Lulu, both as a free PDF download and as a paperback for a small fee to cover printing costs. The Book includes:

– An introduction to the basic elements of Clann Bhride

– Daily devotions including morning, midday, and evening prayers

– Prayers for special occasions including dedications, births, and deaths

– A basic liturgical calendar

– Articles on the academic and spiritual nature of Brighid

In the future we hope to offer a resource list and occasional blog posts on Brighid and the path of Clann Bhride. We offer this site to any fellow religionists as a greater offering to Brighid, our guide and friend. You can find us at We invite those interested to subscribe to our blog and read our Book of Hours.

Over the next year, we hope to develop an active community of people who are committed to incorporating the Nine Elements of Clann Bhride into their lives. If you are interested in such a community, please contact us at or subscribe to our blog, where we will post updates as appropriate.


PS: I wrote most of the above press release and my name’s on some of the articles in the CB Book of Hours. So just saying… feel free to check it out. 🙂 At some point I’ll write on how properly excited and terrified I am to be part of this, and part of something that’s now let loose into the wild blue yonder, but for now I will leave you, gentle readers, with warm thoughts for Imbolc. Take care, stay safe, and may our Lady keep you in Her mantle.


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