A Flamekeeper’s Prayer

I’ve toyed with the idea of having set prayers to say at the beginning of each Flamekeeping shift for Brighid. The Clann Bhride Book of Hours includes prayers of offering and flamelighting prayers in its Daily Devotionals section, and these prayers are lovely. However, there’s just something special about jotting down your own words (and, if you’re like me, doodling all sorts of things in the margins). Though it’s not my shift yet I wrote this prayer last night; feedback on either content or style is always welcome.




(Image from CelticJackalope.com)



Lady of Mercy, of Judgment, of Right,

Priestess of Sunrise, Queen of the Dawn,

Exalted High One, Fiery Arrow,

Grand Illuminator, hear my prayer.


I pledge to you from sundown to sundown:

A share of my focus, my worship, my grace;

A sacrifice of my finite time and energies;

A voluntary warding of Your sacred flame.


In return I would seek to know You more.

I would sharpen my senses toward Your presence.

I would draw closer as Your heart’s beloved.

I would have the honor of serving You, my Lady.


Hail Brighid, three sisters in one!

Hail Brighid, guardian of the well!

Hail Brighid, keeper of the flame!

Hail Brighid! Hail Brighid! Hail Brighid!


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