Boring Blog Updates

Gentle readers,

You may have noticed a few changes to Sage and Starshine over the past few weeks. For example, there’s now a brand new layout for the first time in over three years. Shock, horror, outrage! Secondly, I’ve actually got a functioning About page set up. I’ve also started collecting my series of essays (such as they are) Better Know a Celt and The Devotional Lifestyle. If there are any things you’d like to know about me, any deities you’d like to nominate for Better Know a Celt, or topics you’d like me to cover in The Devotional Lifestyle, feel free to let me know.

Another project I’ve undertaken is trying to wrangle the tags and categories of this blog under control. You can see what part of that look like in the aptly named Tags and Categories page. As I’m a library student I’m fascinated with organizing information and making it useful; however, as a library student I’m also swamped with graduate classes and job applications. So, expect to see more changes to the tagging system over time, as I can get to it/remember that I wanted to get to it in the first place.

I have enjoyed the sudden burst of creativity August gave me that seems ready to flow into September. I’ve started graduate school now so you may hear less from me; alternatively, I may use blogging as a means of avoiding work. Who knows? Always something new and exciting going on around here.




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