Quick Updates

I’ve been a busy bee lately! Here’s what you need to know:

I recently updated my About page to reflect my religious life as it stands. I’ve joined the Otherfaith in the past year and started blogging for them, so that’s great! However, I’ve decided to take away indications that I identify as Kemetic. My life is full up right now and I don’t have enough of an interest to make space for the Netjer. I still have my ancestor altar and I think I’m still doing ma’at in the world – ask me another time how Brighid’s Work and ma’at are intertwined – but I can’t justify using that label anymore. Not for the moment, at least.

I’ve also changed the pronouns listed on my About page from both she/her and they/them to only they/them. There are a few reasons for this. I want to make it very clear that I’m transgender and since none of you can see the way I try to gender myself through clothes and hairstyles, that leaves pronouns. I am getting less and less comfortable at the idea of my gender not being at the forefront of my life. I’m also continually heartbroken by the deaths of Leelah Alcorn and Aubrey Mariko Shine (may they rest in power), as well as all other trans people driven to suicide. I’m not a trans woman like Leelah and Aubrey and cannot understand the full weight of transmisogyny, but I can dedicate myself to raising awareness and championing for a better world for our too-young Beloved Dead. I can’t entirely be open about my gender in my professional and family life, but I can present myself as best I can online as trans, and remind myself and others what that means.

There are further updates on The Devotional Lifestyle page (namely, linking to my Otherfaith essays about Devotion). I want to keep exploring devotionalism and linking to others’ essays and posts about having a devotional relationship with their gods or spirits. If there’s any post you think I should read, or anything you want me to blog about, don’t be shy in letting me know. 🙂

Finally, I’m going to restart the very short, very sporadic series Better Know A Celt, and possibly rewrite the two entries already posted. I want to make accessible introductions to a variety of Celtic gods and use resources that others can easily find for free on the internet. This obviously limits the sources I can pull from – there are a lot of Wikipedia links the first two essays – but I’m thinking in terms of accessibility and practical use rather than exhaustivity or even scholarship. I’ve already got a short list of deities to work on, but Who do you, gentle readers, want to know more about? Do you worship a Celtic god or goddess Who doesn’t get enough love? Let me know and I’ll try to work up some sort of schedule of posts.

Happy March one and all!


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