Gods & Radicals


alley fist

We Pagans are trying to re-enchant the world,
to bring back the magic of the forests and the mountains.
We are trying to hear and revere the wild places
the sacred forgotten places, the spirits of ocean and rivers and lakes.
And yet Capitalism is always poisoning these places
because it considers nothing sacred except profit,
nothing holy except wealth.
To Re-enchant the world.
we must destroy Capitalism

Welcome to Gods & Radicals!

(A Site of Beautiful Resistance)

The name ‘Gods and Radicals’ is taken from a presentation given by Alley Valkyrie and Rhyd Wildermuth at Pantheacon on Valentine’s day, 2015.  The presentation was packed; a room safely handling 25 people filled with 75, with many more physically unable to enter.

The point of that presentation? To help re-awaken what many see as an integral aspect of Modern Paganism–its opposition to Capitalist exploitation of the earth and all its…

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