Language, transphobia and hurting others (even if unintentionally)

From a good friend of mine. We have a long way to go. I too am tired – tired of excusing transphobia and queerphobia that isn’t “supposed” to hurt me, tired of trying to return my friend’s trans allyship with disability allyship of my own and realizing how far down the rabbit hole we all are when it comes to not even a fair and just society, but fair and just countercultural niches who actually give a damn about those in the margins. I am tired of justifying my right to exist. I am tired of respectability politics and not rocking the boat. I’m tired!

Treasure in Barren Places


A podcast I admire has engaged in language that has hurt some of its trans listeners. Language that the producers could have edited, but chose not to.

At the same time, I’ve discovered that a polytheist group I used to think very highly of has been expressing violently transphobic sentiments about camps/conferences and women-only spaces. (I’m not linking to the places where, as I haven’t talked to members of this group since it happened so I don’t want to highlight them without right of reply – but the evidence is out there for everyone to see anyway.)

You’ll probably remember the trans-phobic incidents that took place at Pantheacon a few years ago.

All these things are connected, even though the latter two are obviously much more serious than the first. Language hurts, excludes and marginalizes, and it can create environments where certain types of behaviour become considered acceptable or unacceptable.


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