Impressions from Imbolc Advent

My friend and fellow Brigidine flamekeeper Erin Lund Johnson has put together a lovely series of devotional articles creating an Advent season for Imbolc. I've been following them for the past few Sundays, with tonight being Imbolc itself, and tomorrow morning being the last of Erin's celebrations of the return of Bride to the world, and … Continue reading Impressions from Imbolc Advent


Clann Bhride on Kiva

Exciting stuff going on at Clann Bhride. 🙂

Clann Bhride

We at Clann Bhride believe that our Lady has called us to works of charity, justice, and compassion. Our Touchstones urge us to “offer generosity and hospitality to those in need, without judgment or expectation of reward” and  to “work for peace, freedom, and justice for all.” Our Nine Elements reference Brighid in Her manifestations as Brig Ambue, who advocated for the disenfranchised, and as Brig Briugu, who offered food and shelter to all in need. Because our goddess is generous and calls us to be generous in turn, we are taking the first steps to actively encourage generosity among our members by announcing the Clann Bhride team on Kiva.

What is Kiva?

Kiva is a non-profit organization whose primary mission is alleviating poverty through microfinance. Entrepreneurs around the world connect with local financial institutions, who vet their clients and establish a loan process. Members of Kiva then lend as little as $25…

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Imbolc Advent ~Second Sunday

Her Eternal Flame

Opening for Second Sunday ~

Begin this second Sunday by lighting your first candle which you lit last Sunday, and your second candle, going around sunwise.

Recite this Flame Lighting Prayer ~

“Brìde, Excellent, Exalted One,
Bright, golden, quickening flame ~
Shine Your blessings on us from the Otherworld,
You, Radiant Fire of the Sun.”

Inspirational Reading & Song ~

St. Briget of the Shores
From Where the Forest Murmurs by Fiona MacLeod

I have heard many names of St. Briget, most beloved of Gaelic saints, with whom the month of February is identified—the month of “Bride min, gentle St. Bride”—Brighid boitiheach Muime Chriosd, Bride the Beautiful, Christ’s Foster Mother . . . but there are three so less common that many even of my readers familiar with the Highland West may not know them. These are “the Fair Woman of February,” “St. Bride of the Kindly…

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An Imbolc Advent

Her Eternal Flame

Brighidine flametenders all look forward to Imbolc, or Brighid’s Day, celebrated 1 February in Ireland and Scotland as the first of spring.  In the Gaelic tradition, ewes are bred to birth and lactate at this time, snowdrops bloom, daylight begins to noticeably lengthen, ice begins to thaw; the land begins to awaken from its winter slumber.  Brìde the saint is said to visit the people on the eve of her feast day to bless homes and special objects laid out for her, such as strips of cloth saved for healing charms, and woven crosses to be hung inside to protect the home from lightening and fire.

In Scotland, this phenomenon is commemorated in a traditional tale recorded by Donald Mckenzie is his Scottish Wonder Tales of Myth and Legend called ‘The Coming of Angus and Brìde’ which can be read online here:

In this tale, the Cailleach Beira, Queen…

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