Prayer for Orlando

(Or, the litany of a sad queer Brigidine Pagan)

Shine light into the darkness to cast away our fears and blame.
Set aflame our hearts that we not succumb to inaction and apathy in the face of tragedy.
Warm our souls when we are weary from the crushing weight of living in this world.
Dry our tears when we cry out for salvation and deliverance from hatred.

Lady Brighid, I pray for the LGBTQ community of Orlando.
I pray for our queer siblings across the world.
I pray for the Latinx community whose celebrations were interrupted by gunfire.
I pray for our Muslim brethren who will be unjustly blamed for the actions of one man.
I pray that the Muslim children in my neighborhood are strong in the face of the hatred they will receive.
I pray for our queer Muslim neighbors who are torn between vicious, unjust rhetoric.
I pray that we are not swayed by calls to fascism and xenophobia in the wake of tragedy.
I pray for the victims, who have too soon entered the hallowed halls of our beloved dead.
I pray that we look apathy dead in the eye and kick it in the shins because the best prayers are done with our hands long after the dust from gunfire has settled.
I pray for those working toward an end to gun violence in the United States, because I am afraid every day I step out of my house.

I am scared and I am angry and I am lost, but I look to Your flame and Your light to guide me. As my candle lights the room, may Your candle light the universe.

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