Week 2: The First Oath

I’ve attempted the Dedicant Path before – twice, in fact, and in following Rev. Dangler’s Wheel of the Year guide, I’ve already done the First Oath twice. So here was a conundrum for me, as someone who didn’t want to skip over a week and leave things feeling incomplete, but also wanted to acknowledge fully that there is nothing first about this oath. I spoke with Rev. Castner about my concerns and her suggestion was to simply reaffirm what my original Oath(s) had been with whatever updates I felt necessary.

Part of the suggested reading for this week were short essays on prayers and sacrifice, and there’s a ritual outline for completing the First Oath. I read over these and decided to ignore them. What felt right to me in the moment was writing words from my heart, taking a moment to connect with the energies around me, visualizing that perfect temple altar I long to visit, and murmuring the words scrawled across my notebook. There will be a time for offerings and altars later; for now, my offering was myself, and today that will be enough.

My Oath is between myself and the Kindreds; they know what lies in my heart. I announce in their presence that I seek to deepen my Pagan path, to live with integrity, to love justice, and to seek the still point in the turning universe that will guide me. Brighid, Holy Mother, watch over my path. Ancestors, my Beloved Dead, watch over my path. Spirits, nature-kin, watch over my path.


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