Week 7: Home Shrine

I’m playing catch up with my work, so this week will have several weeks of work condensed into it. Surprise! I’ve just come back from solstice/Christmas vacation with my spouse where I got to meet one of my long-time partners-in-Brigidine-crime – Aster Breo, who along with Gilbride and myself is one of the founders of Clann Bhride. It’s always nice to get away, not only to recharge but also to rediscover what I need to focus on when I return home.

I’ve kept an altar in some form or another as long as I’ve been Pagan. Back in Virginia I was lucky enough to have enough space for several altars in my room; since moving to New York, I’ve been able to have exactly one. My wife and I share a working altar space with candles, various vessels, our Christmas cactus, and at the moment some holiday lights. It’s crowded, but it’s ours. Like so many other things in our lives it is a joyous riot of meaning, a blend of faiths and family traditions that sustain our own family now.


Our altar, Solstice/Christmas 2017

On our shared altar you can see: multiple candles and candle holders; a handmade chalice; a bowl of dried rose petals; our Christmas cactus from last year; several important pieces of jewelry and gemstones; and a trail of Christmas lights.


I am excited to see how this space transforms over the next year. I will say that I haven’t been entirely mindful of what goes and what stays, so I think I’d like to focus on more purpose in the altar’s decorations and tools.

In our one-bedroom apartment there isn’t a huge amount of room, but our altar rests on a folding card table with a beautiful dyed cloth from Lush, of all places. We spend most of our time in the living room/kitchen part of our apartment and the altar is always within sight. Both of us light candles as we feel called to, which makes for loving imagery and fresh energy brightening up the room.


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