Week 11: The Two Powers

A thick-trunked baobab tree grows beside a highway road. Its leafless branches look like roots stretching into a dusk sky.

The World Tree, roots deep in the Well and branches reaching toward the Fire in the sky. Licensed by Anita Ritenour, 2011 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/


I’ve been keeping up with a regular meditation practice for a few weeks, which I’m really excited about. I can feel subtle shifts in my mental, emotional, and even physical awareness the more I practice mindfulness and return to the breath. This week, we’re building on our meditation and mental training to introduce the concept of the Two Powers, which is a fairly familiar concept if you’ve ever undertaken a “tree meditation” to help ground and center yourself. Imagine you’re a tree; let your roots dig deep into the Earth Current and your branches reach tall into the Heaven Current, and let both of these mingle within you.

This is just the beginning of experimenting with the Two Powers/Two Currents so I don’t have a ton of spiritual insights to offer at the moment, but I would like to make a few observations. First, I find it very powerful to imagine a tree as the conduit and mediator for the two power; for me, being the tree is more “the point” of the exercise and the fact the Two Powers do their mixy thing inside me is a happy byproduct. Second, I’m developing a Brigidine understanding of the Two Powers that relates back to Brighid’s holy Mystery of fire-in-the-water. Brighid is both the eternally renewing font of Her healing wells and the bolt of inspiration as hammer meets anvil in Her Starforge. Both of those are powerful in their own right, but run together there’s a tremendous amount of potential for personal alchemy, I feel.


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