Sage has walked a Pagan path of some description or other since Ostara 2007. Their illustrious Pagan career includes flirtations with Asatru and heathenry – their first exposure to modern Paganism/polytheism – eclectic coven-based Neo-Wicca, Druidry by way of Ár nDraíocht Féin, Kemetic Orthodoxy, and various attempts at multicultural polytheism. They also founded the Pagan Fellowship at their college, because who doesn’t want to start a Pagan club at a private religious school in the American South? (To date, this may be their proudest accomplishment.)

Currently Sage is involved with their local lay-led Unitarian Universalist fellowship as a programming coordinator and, as of 2015, congregational President. They is also one of the founding members of Clann Bhride, a Brigidine devotional group which publicly launched on Imbolc 2014. Primarily Sage’s religious inclinations revolve around building a devotional lifestyle to Brighid and pursuing social justice both within and without spiritual contexts. Sage has also participated in the Otherfaith since the fall of 2014 and also blogs at Of the Other People. The Otherfaith is a modern polytheistic tradition centered on new gods and new myths with a focus on technology, consent, and personhood.

Sage graduated with a BA in Religion in 2012 and is now pursuing a Masters of Library and Information Science. In addition to various religious shenanigans, Sage enjoys their volunteer job where they gets to herd young children around the woods and hopefully teach them a thing or two about nature. They is also involved with their local LGBTQ+ group and hopes to continue making waves in their predominantly conservative Christian county.

Sage is genderqueer and uses they/them pronouns. Sage is also a Pisces, enjoys Mexican food, and wants to overthrow the kyriarchy. You can contact Sage at sageandstarshine@gmail.com, on Twitter @sageling, or on their fandom/social justice Tumblr brig-ambue.


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