Better Know A Celt

These posts have been the most popular ones on my blog as of the creation of this page (8/26/14). Though this is currently a very brief series I have been considering starting it up again. I wrote the Better Know A Celt posts because I found that in exploring Celtic mythology I had little framework for the gods and goddesses populating the stories. Unlike Classical mythology (which I grew up with and have some academic experience with) and Norse mythology (which was my first exposure to modern Paganism), Celtic mythology hasn’t yet really taken root in my mind. So, I found that collecting information about various deities and organizing that data in a presentable format was a wonderful way for me to learn about this cast of characters.

If there are any Celtic deities – and I do mean Celtic, not just Gaelic – that you’d like to see a Better Know A Celt post on, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


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