Week 5: Nature Awareness 1

This week is the beginning of our foray into Nature Awareness for the Dedicant's Path. I live in New York City and it is early December, so the months ahead will be dark and cold and the accessible parks few and far between. In Rev. Dangler's Wheel of the Year study guide, he suggests that … Continue reading Week 5: Nature Awareness 1


Week 4: Samhain Writeup

Even though we're three weeks and some change out from Samhain, I've always felt that the Fire Festivals lend themselves to an entire season. These three months are the time of Samhain, a space for the Ancestors to take prominence again in our lives. We continue descending into the dark and cold in the months … Continue reading Week 4: Samhain Writeup


Relationships are a cyclical thing. We might talk about relationships being in balance, but it is less the balance that comes from nothing happening and more the carefully achieved equilibrium of a skilled juggler managing several objects (possibly quite heavy, possibly quite dangerous) in the air at a time. Relationships too are like juggling: there … Continue reading Orthopsychy