2012 Reading List

My 2012 New Year’s Resolutions are well underway. I intend to do a lot of reading this year and have compiled a tentative list of books I want to tackle over the next twelve months. Some of these titles (especially in the Classic/Academic Books section) I’ll already need to read for my undergraduate thesis due in April. Others I probably won’t be able to get to until after I graduate and begin my gap year between college and graduate school. My goal is to read 24 books this year that directly or indirectly relate to Paganism – an average of two a month.

Classic/Academic Books

  1. Drawing Down the Moon, Margot Adler
  2. The Spiral Dance, Starhawk
  3. Triumph of the Moon, Ronald Hutton
  4. Eternal Egypt, Richard Reidy
  5. A History of Pagan Europe, Prudence Jones

Not-so-academic-but-still-awesome Books

  1. The Druidry Handbook, Michael Greer
  2. The Way of the Hedge Witch, Arin Murphy-Hiscock
  3. Trance-portation, Diana L. Paxson
  4. Real Energy/Real Magic, Isaac Bonewits
  5. The Pagan’s Muse, Jane Raeburn
  6. A Book of Pagan Prayer, Ceisiwr Serith

Fiction Books

  1. American Gods, Neil Gaiman
  2. Small Gods, Terry Pratchett
  3. Something(s) by Diane Duane
  4. Something(s) by Ursula K. LeGuin

As you can see my list is incomplete, and I welcome any and all suggestions. What would you recommend I read this year?