Epiphany Day 2015

Happy Epiphany Day! May all your creative endeavors blossom and may you not spontaneously combust.

Epiphany is an Otherfaith spirit overseeing learning, creativity, and luck. She was originally a Book Keeper – a type of spirit who lives in the great Library of the West – and in an attempt to find the one single subject she would care for in her life, she… accidentally tapped into the full connected knowledge of the Library, caught fire, and transformed into the spirit Epiphany we know and love today.

As you do.

My life is blossoming right now, strange as it is. I’ve started seeing a chiropractor for my ongoing back pain, and that seems to be working. I’m finally cleaning out closets and drawers that have been jammed packed for years, tossing out or donating lots of things that just need to go. I’m letting go of old momentos from Bryn Mawr that I held onto not because they made me happy, but because the people who gave them to me loved me and I didn’t want to somehow deny their love by acknowledging the fact these gifts were hurting me. I have plants growing happily on my old altar space by the window – I’ll need to repot the bean seedlings later today. I’m applying to new jobs, in my last calendar year of graduate school, and generally… being alive. It’s great!

This is an important time of year for me because the Spring Equinox is my anniversary as a Pagan. In 2007, little tiny Sage did their first awkward Pagan ritual in secret. Eight years as a Pagan and I barely recognize that teenager lighting candles and sending out a message to Whoever might be listening.


A Prayer for Epiphany

This is another work inspired by the Otherfaith, this time by a spirit named Epiphany. When I started mucking about with Otherfaith mythology two weeks ago the first to catch my eye was the story 5169814 to Epiphany. I’m sure this is in no small part thanks to the alphabetizing of the myths, but I like to think serendipity played a role here too. Epiphany is a spirit who had once been bound by her role in life, literally known only by a string of numbers. She was born a Book Keeper, a type of spirit who eventually dedicates their lives to one particular subject area in the Library and no other. Epiphany was unable to choose and her wonder at all the knowledge in all the worlds lit up every neuron in her brain in a fiery maelstrom. The shame she had felt at not fitting in, at not being able to be a “good” Book Keeper and being shunned by her siblings, was burned away in her immolation. From the ashes rose Epiphany as we know her today – spirit of all knowledge, information, and chance, Lady of the House of Books (sorry, Seshat!) and kind patron of writers and misfits.

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