Happy Blue Moon Eve!

©Nick K, 1/28/10

Tomorrow night our only natural satellite turns full a second time in one month, making it a blue moon. The Farmers’ Almanac has some information on why we call it a blue moon to begin with. Did you know the last blue moon was New Years Eve 2009, and the next blue moon won’t be until July 2015?

The next full moon – a regular full moon, not a blue one – is on September 30. Given its proximity to the Autumnal Equinox, it will be this year’s Harvest Moon, so-called because the light of the full moon allowed farmers to work long into the night, finishing up that season’s harvests. Or something like that.

For magic(k)al practitioners, this is a rare astronomical event that you should consider taking advantage of. One thought that comes to mind is to buy several of those white 7-day candles (I can find them at my local Wal-Mart), bless and consecrate them tomorrow night, and light one overnight during every full moon for the next three years. When one candle has almost burned to the end, use it to light another candle and so keep the flame of one blue moon alive until the next one. You can do the same thing by blessing and consecrating holy moon water (adding salt, quartz, moonstone, jasmine, or any other ingredients that remind you of the moon), storing it in an airtight container, and using a few drops to boost any future lunar spells.

Even if you don’t practice magic, get out there and enjoy this rare astronomical event!


Full Moon May 2011

Today’s post is short and in celebration of the full moon. I’m trying to get back in the swing of celebrating the esbats – something I haven’t done since I semi-identified as Wiccan back in high school – and it’s nice to return to this basic rhythm. One of the sights guaranteed to get a smile on my face is stepping out of my dorm and seeing the moon’s face, or catching sight of Her from my car window. No matter how upset I am or how many struggles I’ve had during my day, watching the constant ebb and flow of the moon reminds me that these timeless cycles have watched over humanity since we can down from the trees and will keep us company as the last one of us returns to the earth.

I’ve been searching for information about the different moons throughout the year – Snow Moon, Wolf Moon, and so forth – and haven’t been able to find one definitive list (or really any list that isn’t either made up or stolen out of context from Native American folklore). I started a thread on the Cauldron and came to the conclusion that the best way to “theme” full moons is to pay attention to the climate and cycles of my own area and within my own life and work from there. I don’t have a title for the May moon yet, except perhaps the “Thank God It’s Over” Moon for other college students, so I will just wish everyone’s life is as full and bright as the moon’s face tonight. 🙂

EDIT: Almost forgot! Since the moon has reached the height of Her power and is starting Her waning cycle, I will be returning to my studies of waning and dark moon magic and ritual with Kimberly Sherman-Cook’s In the Shadow of 13 Moons. Expect an update two weeks from now, at the new moon!