Anti-Gay Harrassment at Southern Virginia University Drives Away Student

A follow up about my friend from yesterday. I continue to be proud of him, celebrate his courage, and recommit myself to justice.

Approaching Justice

The Roanoke Times recently published an article about Nic Jensen and his battle with Southern Virginia University over allegations of sexual harassment from the school’s provost Madison Sowell.

There has been discussion about Nic’s supposed activism in some conservative Mormon circles, where critics are basically calling Nic a whiny child pushing an agenda to undermine the religious convictions of a god-fearing administrator at a private LDS school.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that.

In the Roanoke Times article it comes across as if there is no way to know what really happened between Nic Jensen, a good friend of mine, and Madison Sowell. But there was a third person in the room. And I happen to be married to her.

Nic Jensen Nic Jensen

Sara and I met Nic during his freshmen year at Southern Virginia University. I immediately recognized that he was sharp, friendly, and open-minded. Later that year we sat next to…

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Homophobia and the Mormon Blogosphere

An irl friend of mine is being raked over the coals on a Mormon blog on Patheos. TL;DR his Mormon college treated him like shit for being gay and he filed a Title IX complaint. The newspaper article came out a few days ago and now the Mormon blogosphere has found it and is calling … Continue reading Homophobia and the Mormon Blogosphere