Random Acts of Photography

At the end of this post I’m sharing some of my favorite photographs from the past few weeks. I’m also adding a new Photographs category to my blog to showcase my budding photographic artistry. But first I’d like to ruminate on how the simple act of taking more pictures ties into my spiritual life.

Recently I’ve picked up the habit of actually using the camera on my phone and taking pictures of the natural world around me. I snap pictures of interesting plants at the nature center where I volunteer – in between chasing after small children delighted to be let loose in the woods. I document the slow but inevitable shift of seasons in my neighborhood as evidenced by the changing color of leaves and the sudden explosion of bright red berries on the dogwood trees along my street – in between fighting with my dog for control of the leash with one hand while I try to steady my phone’s camera with the other. This photography, coupled with my new devotional habit of picking up trash along the sidewalk, has really encouraged me to slow down and notice the world around me. I find that I’m less anxious and bored on my walks, no longer needing music or podcasts to numb my brain so that walking is a bearable activity.

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Ready or Not, Here Comes Fall

I took these pictures on August 22, at the end of my week as a volunteer camp counselor at a local nature center and woodland gardens. I’d been hearing about the sudden and early onset of autumn as told by the change of leaves, but it was something else entirely to see it for myself. This particular morning was overcast and occasionally wet, though compared to the downpour at the beginning of the week neither the campers nor the counselors minded too badly. The great thing about it being gray and cloudy is that the amazingly bright foliage and fall blooms stood out even more.


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