New Moon August 2012

Today I look ahead to the rest of the month (and the rest of the year) as I take stock of my physical and spiritual harvest and plan what to do next with my life. I graduated in May, went to India for three weeks, had a change of heart regarding my future career (from a PhD in religious studies to an MS in Library and Information Science), and am now living at home as I simultaneously send out job and graduate school applications. Life is a strange mix of incredibly busy and incredibly devoid of goals at the moment; I feel myself surrounded with the joy of opportunity and my life ahead of me, and weighed down with depression and listlessness. I know that I need focus, dedication, and deadlines for things to get done – otherwise, things just don’t get done. Now I have the time to devote to my spirituality, to finish ADF’s Dedicant Path, to read all the books I’ve put off for four years – but now what? What do I want? What do I need? One commitment I’ve been wanting to make – that I feel like I should have made quite some time ago – was to this blog and to writing in general.

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New Moon June 2011

Today marks the first month I work through Kimberly Sherman-Cook‘s In the Shadow of 13 Moons. The tagline reads “embracing lunar energy for self-healing and transformation,” which is a pretty decent summation of the book thus far. Sherman-Cook looks towards the energies of the waning, dark, and new moons (often overlooked or misinterpreted in some modern magical circles) over a year’s course to explore shadow magic, inner journeying, and holistic healing. This is not a book review, and so I have endeavored to curtail the logical, critical inner editor when approaching the work in this book. I was drawn towards this title because I’ve always been fascinated in “dark” witchcraft (relating to physical darkness, shadows, inner transformation, etc) and the Mysteries associated with twilight and nighttime. I’ve never truly delved into lunar magic because of the emphasis of the full moon to the exclusion of the other phases. Furthermore, the full moon has instinctively felt like the opposite time to perform magic for me; don’t ask me why, but I suspect at least part of it has to do with my nature to go against every grain I can find. 🙂 So, I was glad to find an author who tackled dark/new moon magic in depth.

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