The Nine Elements of Clann Bhride

Today I’m exploring a general overview of Clann Bhride’s Nine Elements. These are stepping stones of belief and practice put forth by Clann Bhride on our website and in our Book of Hours that we feel best encapsulate our approach to a devotional Brigidine path. To participate in Clann Bhride means the opportunity to engage with these Nine Elements and determine how they best fit into one’s life. Personal interpretation of the Elements is encouraged as each individual’s relationship with Brighid is unique and dynamic. There will be no gatekeepers checking opinions at the door to determine whether someone “believes” enough in the Nine Elements or is orthodox enough to “count” as a member of Clann Bhride. If you find our materials useful, find some personal significance in the Nine Elements, and would like to participate… well then, welcome!

I’d like to emphasize that while I am one of the original members of Clann Bhride that this and other essays for my Nine Days for Brighid are my personal reflections and musings. Nothing is official and everything is subject to question and revision. Yes, perhaps even the Nine Elements themselves. And on that note, any discussion on the content and interpretation of these principles is thoroughly encouraged: you can find us on Facebook and at

The following is text from the Nine Elements page on our website (linked in the opening paragraph). This page includes some explanation I have not included in this blog post for brevity’s sake, and also because I find it helpful to first look at each Element in context with the others without additional commentary. There’s a lot to unpack in these nine statements and a single introductory blog post won’t be able to do them full justice. I’ll highlight the concepts that caught my attention first and, hopefully, leave room for further questions and pondering at the end.

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