Sunrise Goddess

I see You in the early hours of the morning when I wake up before my alarm

Or when I roll over and hit the snooze button one too many times

Or when I wake up unable or unwilling to get back to sleep

When the house is cool and dark

When the light through the shades is still watery, weak

When darkness pulls back from the land like a lover

Reluctant to leave the warm embrace of her beloved

Soft and slow, taking its own sweet time

Dawn begins its careful ascent above the tops of the mountains

My mountains

Peaks long since rounded and softened with the weariness of age

Trees catching the golden light one leaf at a time


You are the scalding coffee and the sizzle of bacon

The bright sunshiney eggs and the tiny furry head

Belonging to the not so tiny dog (not anymore, at least)

Who rests her head in my lap hoping for a scrap or two

Or six or six dozen

Thoughtfully dropped from my breakfast plate

You are the morning paper and the rumble of school buses

The chorus of birdsong that speaks in a language of territory

And mating and family and migration and life


You are the diurnal insects beginning to stir with life-giving

UV rays finally spilling down into our valley

Lighting up the flowers like neon signs

You are the little brown bats returning to their roosts

Softly chirruping to each other as they settle in barns

Steeples and attics and rafters and belfries

You are the luna moth and the firefly 

Curled up now in safety until the return of the moon


You are the glorious warmth of the heavens

The riot of life even in the middle of winter

The force that turns the flowers to the sun

You are the ripening of the dogwood berries

The long-awaited frost on the pumpkin

The morning glories and hummingbird bush

Curled happily along lampposts and wheelbarrows

In a haphazard spill of color and scent


You are my cup of coffee doing battle

With sleep still nipping at my heels

You are the whisper of a dream-fueled haze

Pushing me across the threshold of my home

And into the startlingly clear light of day.


Prayer for Apollon

I wrote this prayer as gratitude and in payment for an oracle given to me by Camilla over at Foxglove and Firmitas. My experience with Apollon is fairly limited (thought certainly worth its own post at some point), though I continually find myself thankful for how His children, spouses, and devotees seem to keep cropping up in my life.

This prayer is specifically licensed through Creative Commons to allow anyone to use, modify, and/or share the text so long as they also allow others the same privilege and so long as credit eventually comes back to me. This is my gift for Apollon and His people, whoever they may be.

Sweet Apollon, I lift to you a breath of thanks
I bask in Your holy light and terrible love
There is trembling and fear in Your presence
Quickly morphing to barely understood awe.

Brother to Artemis, may Your aim strike true
Your archer’s form is pure perfection
As You nock Your arrow, draw swiftly back,
And let fly beneath all the glory of Helios.

Son of Leto, Your care is both tender and bold
May Your heart comfort us within Your embrace
Just as the Aegean lapped softly against
The shores of Delos, isle of Your birth.

Smintheus and Parnopios, You are pure
You are a thousand times pure; is it any wonder
That bringers of healing so often command
The powers of plague and pestilence as well?

Akesios, Maleatas, You tend to humanity’s wounds
Stitching up what is torn asunder, setting bones
Stirring white blood cells to action, encouraging
Society’s healers to good works and good deeds.

You are Alexikalos and Apotropaios
Nothing sullied or uncouth is within Your sight
As you destroy specters, monsters, disease
So too do You banish and turn away evil.

As Kitharodos You are the Singer to the Lyre
Play us a haunting tune, a calming melody
We seek You in cadence, rhythm, and rhyme
Come to us in the brilliance of Your music.

Pythian, may You always inspire and confound
You slew the rotting serpent at this holy site
Here, Your sacred precinct, where You now
Protect the omphalos, navel of Gaia Herself.

Sweet Apollon, I lift to you a breath of thanks
Illuminate my soul, play to me Your lyre’s tune
Cast evil and sickness from my body, that I may be
Worthy of even a glimmer of Your light.


Creative Commons License
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