Dealing with Death

I was expecting my first post after my return from New Jersey to be either tonight or tomorrow, detailing my adventures at the convention and any spiritual (or geeky) insights I’d attained from being around my own kind for three days. However, life had other plans as it often does and I’ve found myself dealing with more urgent and distressing matters.

Five years ago I was part of a large roleplaying (RP) community on LiveJournal where I met several people who would become some of my closest friends to this day. One of my acquaintances was a girl who went by the AIM screen name willownightbird, with whom I fell out of contact once I left the RP community. We only spoke a few times after I left, but I knew from secondhand sources that she was struggling in many areas of her life. The last time I spoke with her in 2009, she was going to school for massage therapy and seemed to be getting her life back on track. Yesterday a mutual friend – Willow’s best friend in real life and my best friend online – called me in tears to report that Willow had stopped breathing the day before and could not be resuscitated. She was only a few years my senior.

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