The Importance of Names

Call it what you will – the soul, the essence, the ego, the Middle Self – but I am a big fan of me. And not only am I a fan of me, but I’m also a fan of the concept of me. There is a Me. There is a self in this body. There is something utterly precious in this limited, mortal sliver of existence bookended by this body’s birth and this body’s death. I don’t know if I or any part of myself is immortal, and frankly I don’t care. What I care about, practically and magically, is this life, this being peeking out of these eyes, using these hands to affect change in this lifetime.

I did magic tonight in the spirit of doing magic on a regular basis, just like my Lady told me to. Half the spell tonight I wrote out beforehand, with the main ritual actions yanked directly from The Goodly Spellbook. (I’ll let you know later if I recommend this volume or not.) I’ll leave the details of tonight’s working to your imagination, partly because I don’t feel like sharing something so personal and partly because I want to keep the energies of the spell focused. Basically I performed a severing spell with the intention of separating the energies of myself and someone else who really needs to be gone, in totality, from my life. This mix of Me and Not Me energies have needed pruning for a good, long while. Though I feel like the Morrígan is neither finished with myself or with this working, what I want to specifically talk about is the impromptu segment of tonight’s activities that started after I’d sat down before my altar, but before I read aloud my prepared spell.

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Do Magic Every Day.

“Do magic every day.”

It’s a fairly simple, straightforward command, don’t you think? Four words etched out in the imperative. DO – there’s my verb. (Curious how other languages I’ve studied often compress “to do” and “to make” into a single verb. To be a do-er is to be a make-er, one who creates and effects change.) DO (CREATE/MAKE/CHANGE) what? MAGIC. Magic, the art, science, and sheer dumb luck of making things happen. “DO MAGIC.” “CREATE CHANGE.” “MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN LUCK.”

A sentence finds completion with a subject (implied to be me) and a verb. Our direct object is intrinsically understood to be tied, irrevocably, to this verb. “Magic” might as well be the noun version of the verb “to do.” But that isn’t the end of this command. DO. MAGIC. How? When? In what manner?

EVERY. Cyclical, steady, reliable, untiring, unceasing. There are no breaks. There are no exceptions. There only is – only can be – the Work. And the Work must be done EVERY – every what?

DAY. Sunup. Sundown. Moonrise. Moonset. Morning to evening, straight on through the night until dawn and back again.





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Lughnasadh 2012 Write-Up

Right after the Midsummer Writeup! Sounds about right. Below is the unedited and un-annotated version of yesterday’s ritual. Some of this was copied from another ADF ritual, and at the moment I can’t find the original source. Later I’ll edit this with proper links and suck.

A real, actual post is coming soon. I promise.

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Midsummer 2012 Write-Up

Yes, I know it’s late. Yes, I know Lammas is almost upon us. But I’m having a bit of an off day – old wounds from the past that ache every so often – and I thought that offering my ritual for my readers’ consumption would be a better post than lamenting over past hurts and neuroses. (At least until I can channel these negative feelings into constructive writing.)

The following is what I have verbatim from this past Midsummer’s ritual, done ADF style, along with a small reflection at the end which will go toward my completion of the Dedicant Path. Enjoy!

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The Morrígan, Goddess of Blood

I’ve had a hard time writing out this entry – I’m on try #3 as it is – so I think I’m just going to start typing again and not stop until I’m done. The insights I’ve had today about the Morrígan are important, and I promised myself that I would get back to blogging and hone my writing skill no matter what.

This post comes with trigger warnings for mildly invasive medical procedures, discussing the nature of blood and pain, hypothetical self-harm for religious purposes, and the squick that is menstruation. Or, in other words: I’m on my period today and had blood work this morning, and that’s got me thinking about the Morrígan.

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