Sharing Mozzarella Sticks with Thor

What’s better than one mozzarella stick? Thirty-seven mozzarella sticks.

-Ancient Tumblr Proverb

So I’ve had Thor on my mind this summer and I blame that on two things. First, I’ve started dating a Loki kid and where the deity of one pantheon goes, there goeth Others, or something like that. And second, thanks to a friend of mine in chat one day, I got clunked upside the head some weeks ago with a clue-by-four involving Thor and relativistic physics. Add to that the dawning realization that Thor and Brighid share some interesting purviews – justice, community, hammers, booze – and I’m finding myself with more and more interest in a certain Odinson these days.

(Is that with one or two S’s? Odinson looks better to me but Odinsson is a literal contraction for Odin’s son. Can I get away with calling him Thor MacOdin? What about Odinovich?)

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